ACE accompanies you from the very beginning of your project idea and supports you until financial close of your project and even beyond. In doing so, ACE ensures that you receive an optimal and favorable financing solution for your project.
Political turmoil, governmental sanctions / embargoes, currency fluctuations, transport accidents, or force majeure. These are just a few examples of unforeseen and surprising events that can increase the risk of payment default, especially for the exporter.

ACE is familiar with project-related risks and supports you, with many years of expertise from the banking and industrial sectors, to minimize these as far as possible.

On the importer’s side, tense market situations in the buyer’s country can lead the importer to lacking the necessary financing or the project not being “bankable”. Here as well, ACE brings many years of experience in structuring projects to become “bankable”.

The earlier you involve ACE in your project planning, the better.

ACE’s scope of services not only begins with the identification of the optimal financing structure for your project, but in fact starts much earlier: with the development of your project idea.

In the early project phases ACE supports or takes over the preparation of necessary project documents such as feasibility studies, investment and cash flow calculations or information memoranda based on international banking standards.

Together with you, ACE plans the structures and financing solutions tailored to your needs, which are then developed in cooperation with selected financial institutions. In this context, ACE also advises exporters and importers for example in the drafting of trade and finance contracts which are tailored to the corresponding requirements of the selected financing solution.

ACE makes use of a broad and trustworthy network of internationally active banks, export credit agencies (ECAs) and other financial institutions. The client is continuously involved in the bank selection process and decides which bank is most suitable to his project and gives his mandate to the selected bank.

Integration of ACE in the course of the project
Integration of ACE in the course of the project - from project idea to financial close and beyond

Efficient communication between all project-relevant parties – avoid misunderstandings, extra time and delays with the support of ACE, which again saves time and money!

During the process, ACE acts as an intermediary between importer, exporter, bank(s), export credit agencies and other financial institutions to ensure a smooth communication, handling and professional and efficient implementation of the financing solution. ACE is available to advise and support the importer and exporter until financial close and beyond.

Financial Services of ACE at a Glance

ACE is familiar with the requirements of banks and their risk management process

Intricate contract structures as well as complex requirements of financing banks and financial institutions pose an increasing challenge for some customers, which in turn can lead to an intensive resource commitment in their finance department. In this context, individual solutions for wellconstructed projects and their financing are required. Here, structured financing uses a combination of various financing instruments, which takes into account and minimizes the associated risks and, if necessary, incorporates necessary collateral structures. The result of structured financing is a financing solution which is tailor-made to the customer’s needs.

In light of this, ACE acts as an independent consultant for individual, medium and long-term financing solutions as well as the structuring of international projects. ACE is familiar with various financing instruments from the following fields:

  • Export financing (keyword: buyer’s credit, supplier credit, letters of credit (L/Cs), leasing, forfaiting, credit insurances, etc.)
  • Project financing
  • Trade financing
  • Domestic financing

Within this framework, ACE particularly supports the following project volumes and terms:

Project volumes: standard business from EUR 500,000 to individual financing solutions in a three-digit million range

Tenors: usually medium to long-term


“We help you to find a solution that suits your project best and act in your best interest.“

ACE is familiar with the requirements of banks and other financial institutions and knows their risk management processes well. Thus, ACE supports you and your finance department in preparing necessary documents in accordance with the required banking standards. Applications and project documents are prepared and checked by ACE before they are submitted to banks and other financial institutions. This avoids misunderstandings, extra work and delays, which in turn saves time and money.

ACE can also support you in the early stages of your project, the so-called initialization phase, by helping you to prepare the necessary documents. These often serve as a basis for the decisionmaking of the management, potential investors, banks or as orientation for the implementation and scope of projects.

On request, we support our clients in the preparation of the following documents:

  • Preparation of business plans, investment calculations, cash flow models or information memoranda based on international banking standards
  • Preparation of detailed feasibility studies*
  • Negotiation of financial documents (e.g. loan agreement, collateral documents, collateral
  • Comparison of commercial and financial contracts
  • Preparation of term sheet comparisons within the scope of bank selection
  • Support in the application process and follow-up with export credit agencies etc.

* In a detailed analysis we take into consideration parts or the entire process chain of your planned project: depending on your needs from location analysis, availability and procurement of raw materials, to cash flow projections and the complete evaluation of the economic efficiency. Our feasibility studies are accepted by state-owned promotional institutions.

In addition to our advisory services for individual projects, we also support companies through specialist seminars and workshops. In these we familiarize your company with topics and technical terms relating to structured finance as well as ECA-covered financing (ECA = Export Credit Agency). The gained knowledge can be used as an instrument for your sales support and accordingly as an additional competitive advantage in discussions with your customers.