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As a reliable and trustworthy financial service provider, we advise and support you on your way to realizing your international projects.

Our Services

financing solutions

Intricate contract structures as well as complex requirements by financing banks and financial institutions pose increasing challenges on customers. In this context, individual solutions for wellconstructed projects and their financing are required. ACE accompanies you right from the beginning when the project idea evolves and supports you until financial close and beyond.

Giving orientation

The preparation of documents, for example as a basis for the decision-making of the management, potential investors, banks or as orientation for the implementation and scope of projects, is often mandatory. ACE is familiar with the preparation of such documents and knows requirements of banks and other financial institutions, including their risk management processes, well.

all-round consulting

In addition to our consulting services for individual projects, we also support companies through specialist seminars and workshops. In these we familiarize your company with relevant topics and technical terms relating to structured finance.

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Your Advantages


Improved workflow and faster project implementation

ACE ensures a comprehensible and efficient communication between all parties involved and thus contributes to a smooth and timely implementation of your project.

Saving time and money

ACE avoids misunderstandings, extra work and timely delays.

Independent advice

ACE acts independently and advises exporters, importers or financial institutions. You are continuously involved in the bank selection process and decide which bank suits your project best.

Attractive financing

ACE identifies qualified financing partners with favorable terms and conditions for your project.

Team of specialists

ACE has been operating as an independent consultant for 10 years and brings over 30 years of banking experience combined with industry expertise from a wide range of sectors in the mechanical and plant engineering industry.

Financial Know-how & Industry Expertise

Especially exporters and importers value the combination of financial know-how and industrial expertise in terms of designing efficient and individual financing options for the realization of their international projects.


  • India

    Buyer’s country: India
    Financing structure: ECA structure
    Contract value: EUR 15 million
    Credit period: 8 years
  • Spain

    Buyer’s country: Spain
    Financing structure: ECA structure
    Contract value: EUR 14 million
    Credit period: 8 years
  • USA

    Buyer’s country: USA
    Financing structure: Bond financing
    Contract value: USD 300 million
    Credit period: > 10 years
  • Germany

    Buyer’s country: Germany
    Financing structure: Leasing structure
    Contract value: EUR 3 million
    Credit period: 4 years
  • Bangladesh

    Buyer’s country: Bangladesh
    Financing structure: ECA structure
    Contract value: EUR 23 million
    Credit period: 10 years
  • Brazil

    Buyer’s country: Brazil
    Financing structure: ECA structure
    Contract value: EUR 30 million
    Credit period: 10 years
  • Italy

    Buyer’s country: Italy
    Financing structure: Leasing structure
    Contract value: EUR 20 million
    Credit period: 7 years
  • France

    Buyer’s country: France
    Financing structure: Structured supplier credit
    Contract value: EUR 20 million
    Credit period: 10 years
  • Russia

    Buyer’s country: Russia
    Financing structure: Offshore ECA structure, based on progress payments
    Contract value: EUR 55 million
    Credit period: > 10 years


23. April 2021

Joint competences

ACE International GmbH now has a competent partner in the field of subsidy consulting and innovation management: GEWI GmbH & Co. KG.
28. January 2021

Support in the course of the digitalisation of international business

ACE International GmbH ("ACE") now provides support to customers of Export Global GmbH in the area of foreign trade and export financing.
23. December 2020

ACE is online with a new website!

ACE has launched its website in a new and modern look and offers its visitors a simple and clear user interface.