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8. December 2020
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23. December 2020

ACE receives order for the preparation of a detailed feasibility study

An international investor commissions ACE International GmbH (“ACE”) to prepare a feasibility study for the consideration of an innovative sustainability project.

After intensive discussions between supplier and investor to discuss possible sustainable approaches, the investor signs a service agreement with ACE to analyse a specific project in more detail within the framework of a sound feasibility study.

Content of the feasibility study is the consideration of the entire process chain of the future-oriented project. Among other things, a detailed analysis of the location, market situation and the availability and procurement of raw materials will be carried out. The results of the preceding analyses are then incorporated into a cash flow analysis and profitability calculation to determine the feasibility of the project.

The investor and the industry as well as ACE see considerable potential in the project under consideration. In particular, the focus will lie on the area of “green products” by combining resource-saving production processes with high product quality – exactly what demanding customers expect nowadays.