ACE receives order for the preparation of a detailed feasibility study
9. December 2020

Unterzeichnung der Kooperationsvereinbarung zwischen der Sparkasse Dortmund und der ACE International GmbH in den Räumen der Sparkasse Dortmund

ACE’s financial expertise in demand in the banking market

ACE International GmbH (“ACE”) has signed an agreement with Sparkasse Dortmund for a close cooperation in foreign trade financing.

With “S-International”, a cooperation of several savings banks under the leadership of Sparkasse Dortmund, the savings bank accompanies its corporate customers in their international business transactions.

In order to expand the range of products and services in connection with medium and long-term export financing, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, Sparkasse Dortmund is drawing on ACE‘s many years of expertise in export financing.

ACE will advise corporate customers of Sparkasse Dortmund as well as support them in structuring and fulfilling the requirements of a financing. With the help of this support, S-International plans to expand its export business in terms of quality and quantity. The companies themselves will be able to make their machinery and equipment offers competitive by offering interesting financing options, enabling them to better assert themselves in a difficult market environment.

Signing of the cooperation agreement between Sparkasse Dortmund and ACE International GmbH on the premises of Sparkasse Dortmund