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23. December 2020
Joint competences
23. April 2021

Support in the course of the digitalisation of international business

ACE International GmbH (“ACE”) now provides support to customers of Export Global GmbH in the area of foreign trade and export financing. For this purpose, a cooperation agreement was signed for a close collaboration with the financial technology company.
With its platform („X-Tron“), Export Global GmbH operates as a digital marketplace that provides financing offers for export transactions. It allows export experienced companies to simultaneously send enquiries to a large number of European banks, including their principal banks, on short notice and to directly compare the terms and conditions offered. Companies can actively manage the level of competition and thus obtain more attractive financing conditions.

X-Tron automatically creates a detailed overview and evaluation of all financing requests and offers made. Furthermore, importers from emerging and developing countries are able to put their projects out to tender.

The platform is primarily addressed to experienced exporters and importers. For this reason, the purpose of the cooperation with ACE is to enable X-Tron’s customers who have less experience in export financing, lack in human resources or have complex projects, to also benefit from the advantages of the marketplace by the means of efficient support from ACE.

In doing so, ACE advises clients of X-Tron on the structuring and documentation of their projects as well as on selecting financing offers on the X-Tron platform. The combination of effective advice from ACE and the timely identification of favourable financing conditions via X-Tron enable exporters to offer their international customers attractive quotations including financing options and to contribute to a faster project realisation.